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Advertise with                                                                                                                                The Linwood Jackson Radio Show.                                                                                              Are you looking for a cost effective way to get your message out?                                            Want to build your brand and reach new people?

The Linwood Jackson Radio Show is broadcast on the WFAI 1510 AM signal that reaches nearly 1 million people across Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.                Interesting programming and outstanding Gospel programming draw in an intelligent, stable, and older audience.                                                                                              Recognized by Nielsen as one of the top 45 Gospel stations in the US, Faith 1510’s music selections are monitored daily to determine the top Gospel hits in the US!

On Delaware’s exclusive urban contemporary station, The Linwood Jackson Radio Show covers; The issues, the solutions and the fun stuff too!                                                             We offer affordable long format, spot, and web packages.                                                   Please call if you would like to sponsor a show or a segment, or for any advertising needs, public service announcements, or any other issues that we can help you with.                     For more information contact;

C. Linwood Jackson                                                                                                          

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